Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Practically Fun Honda Odyssey in Charlotte

2008 Honda Odyssey
Car and Driver Magazine describes the Honda Odyssey as "Practially Fun." A little known fact is that the Honda Odyssey has recieved the "Best Van" award from Car and Driver every year since 2001. The 2008 Honda Odyssey gives a long history of safety, reliability, ergonizmics and now lets add another: fun.

At Honda Cars of Rock Hill, only minutes from Charlotte, the Odyssey is available in mass quantities. So, while you're picking out your "automotive equivalent of sensible shoes," let Honda Cars of Rock Hill show you how agile the Odyssey really is. This train sets the Odyssey head and shoulders over the hum-drum minivan crowd by making it fun to drive as well as able to avoid a crash situation.

Schedule a Test Drive of the new 2008 Honda Odyssey today at Honda Cars of Rock Hill near Charlotte.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July Customer Comments at Charlotte's Honda Cars of Rock Hill

Actual Comments from our Sales and Service Customers……

  • This Dealership Has Performed All Of The Service This Car Has Ever Had. I Know When I Take My Car In For Service I Am Going To Be Treated Fairly. No Unnecessary Service Will Be Done.
  • I Have Always Been Impressed With The Knowledge And Honesty Of The Personnel At Honda Cars Of Rock Hill. Because I Live Near Them, I Requested An Estimate From Midlands Honda. Their Estimate Was Higher And Ballpark Only. Honda Car Of Rock Hill's Estimate Was Exact And Lower. I Appreciate Honesty.
  • It was great customer service. They always call and tell me when my car is ready or if I need any additional service. I have always had good service from them.
  • It was because of the person I dealt with. She was very nice and helpful.
  • They have always done great. That is why I keep going there.
  • Everything was wonderful, very nice and efficient.
  • They told me exactly what time it would be coming out. They were professional. It was clean and I cannot ask for more.
  • It was excellent.
  • It was great customer service. They always call and tell me when my car is ready or if I need any additional service. I have always had good service from them.
  • They got good people there. They worked with me and checked my car. I trust them. They are good people. They treated me really nicely. They talked to me and explained things to me. I was satisfied with them. She said Ben Smalls the salesperson was excellent.
  • Customer stated she was thoroughly satisfied especially with her salesperson Ben Smalls.
  • Customer stated the salesperson Pete was very accommodating and knowledgeable.
  • Customer stated the finance mgr did a good job and he was a nice person. She said regarding the transaction process, she has never purchased a vehicle as efficient. It took all day at other dlrs. She has never seen it that efficient and she would rate them a ten if she could. Customer stated the finance mgr, Freddy Ivey, did an excellent job.
  • Customer stated Glenn Gilbert was very good and the finance manager was good.
  • Customer stated glen Gilbert, the sales manager, was excellent and Freddy Ivy, the finance manager, was very helpful.
  • It is always excellent with them. I always get excellent service from them. I have no complaints.
  • She said the salesperson was friendly and knowledgeable. Regarding satisfaction with the dlr, she said she was very pleased with the purchase and would return in the future.
  • Customer stated she was happy with the purchase experience.
  • Customer stated the finance mgr was very good.
  • Customer stated his salesperson was very helpful.
  • She said Danielle and buddy the salespeople were super nice. They were great to deal with.
  • Customer stated his salesperson was very helpful.
  • Honda care of rock hills is very informative about the stuff they do to the car.
  • They have very good quality service.
  • They were responsive and really courteous. They started working on my car right away when I got there.
  • I rated it as excellent because of the friendly staff and fast service. I was comfortable with the quality of the service.
  • I rated it a five because of all the questions you just asked me. They exceeded my expectations and were very kind people. They care about me, especially Dave, Chris and
  • Connie. They really look after me. It was a perfect experience.
  • The service advisor was very attentive. He worked with me to make sure the issues were resolved. It was a much better experience than I have ever had at any other dealerships.
  • The timing was unbelievable. I thought that it was going to be a couple of hours, but once we sat down, it was ready.
  • I would recommend them. They took care of everything. They were very efficient and professional. They did a good job.
  • I have been there since 1981, and they are fair and good. I don't buy any other cars because their service department is so excellent there.
  • Customer stated the finance manager was great.
  • Customer stated Fred his salesperson was great. He did his job and went above and beyond.
  • Customer stated the salesperson, Jason, was nice and helpful. Customer stated regarding other dlr staff, Sam, the sales manager, was very knowledgeable and informative.
  • Customer stated his salesperson Danielle had a great personality and follow up.
    She said regarding other dlr staff, Ron Buchanan, was friendly and helpful and makes you feel wanted and welcome. She said regarding her satisfaction with the dlr, she will be back.
  • She said the transaction process was very quick and easy.
  • Customer stated she really liked the receptionist.
  • Customer stated the salesperson was very professional and made the experience enjoyable.
  • Customer stated her salesperson Jim Scott did a great job.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Charlotte area Hendrick Dealerships Lead HendrickCars.com

Honda Cars of Rock Hill, Charlotte Honda Area Hendrick dealerships and Hendrick affiliated dealeships across the United States have launched a consolidated used car site. This new site has over 3,500 top quality used vehicles of all types. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Chevrolet, Lexus, BMW, and almost all other makes - including Aston Martin.

This new site provides up to 60 photos of each vehicle and complete vehicle information. In addition, extended service agreements, sometimes considered extended warranty, are available on most vehicles. Plus, most vehicles are certified pre-owned used vehicles. These vehicles are the best quality pre-owned vehicles available and most receive 168 point vehicle inspection and reconditioning before being available for retail sale.

Visit hendrickcars.com and see what Charlotte's Hendrick Automotive Group has to offer you. Plus, Honda Cars of Rock Hill - Charlotte can transfer these vehicles into our location for sale allowing you to purchase and service your vehicle with our friendly staff.

View Inventory on the new http://www.hendrickcars.com/ site.