Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Practically Fun Honda Odyssey in Charlotte

2008 Honda Odyssey
Car and Driver Magazine describes the Honda Odyssey as "Practially Fun." A little known fact is that the Honda Odyssey has recieved the "Best Van" award from Car and Driver every year since 2001. The 2008 Honda Odyssey gives a long history of safety, reliability, ergonizmics and now lets add another: fun.

At Honda Cars of Rock Hill, only minutes from Charlotte, the Odyssey is available in mass quantities. So, while you're picking out your "automotive equivalent of sensible shoes," let Honda Cars of Rock Hill show you how agile the Odyssey really is. This train sets the Odyssey head and shoulders over the hum-drum minivan crowd by making it fun to drive as well as able to avoid a crash situation.

Schedule a Test Drive of the new 2008 Honda Odyssey today at Honda Cars of Rock Hill near Charlotte.