Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Honda’s “Grr – Hate Something – Change Something” is ‘Commercial of the Decade’

Honda is on an award winning spree. Its “Grrr - Hate Something - Change Something” commercial has won the Adweek’s prestigious ‘Commercial of the Decade’ award. Honda Cars of Rock Hill, the leading dealership for Honda new vehicles and used cars, near Charlotte, NC, feels the ad appreciated by one and all already drives home the message in a creative and effective way.

"Grrr – Hate Something – Change Something ”, created by Wieden and Kennedy, is a unique advertisement showcasing an unlikely mix of cute animals frolicking in a CGI Eden, flying diesel engines and the gravel-on-velvet voice of Garrison Keillor with some great music and special effects. Honda scored over memorable ads from the last ten years by companies like Nike, Budweiser and Sony to bag this coveted award. The prime message of this ad is if you hate something then make a move to change it as sung (and whistled) by Garrison Keillor and demonstrated by super-cute animals in a rainbow-colored meadow. It asks some simple questions such as ‘Can hate be good? Can hate be great?’ The advertisement also proceeds to provide answers to these basic questions in affirmative.  The ad has been a huge success and it showcased Honda’s prowess as a versatile carmaker very well. Visit Honda Cars of Rock Hill to see Honda’s brand new 2010 cars and take advantage of various special offers while driving home your favorite Honda car.