Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TPMS-Tire Pressure Monitoring System

All 2008 Honda models have TPMS

Tire pressure should still be checked manually once a month.

  • The Low Pressure Indicator (exclamation point inside a tire) simply means check the air in your tires as soon as possible.

  • The Low Pressure Indicator warning light goes on when a tire is 20% or more below the recommended tire pressure.

  • Recommended tire pressure is listed in the driver’s door jamb. DO NOT use the tire pressures listed on the tire.

  • Tire pressure can decrease due to tire damage, slow leaks, or changes in outside temperature. When the weather changes, tire pressure changes too. For every drop of 10 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, the tires lose 1 psi (pound per square inch). Tires also normally deflate naturally over time, as much as 1.5 psi per month.

  • When the Low Pressure Indicator illuminates, it means that you should manually check all tire pressures and make sure the tires are inflated to the pressures indicated on the sticker in the door jamb. On some models a road test may be required for the indicator light to go off. There is no need to visit a dealer unless the TPMS light remains on.

  • When the TPMS indicator illuminates, it means that the Tire Pressure Monitoring System has a fault and the system is no longer monitoring the tire pressures. A dealer visit is required. If a dealer visit is not convenient, you should manually check all tire pressures and make arrangements to visit a dealership soon.
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